Among the types of hair extensions out in the market today, halo hair extension is gaining more and more popularity these days. This kind of hair extension is a solution to achieve fuller and longer hair, especially those with thinner hair. In fact, halo hair extensions are ideal for first-time users and putting it in is simple enough that could be done in just a few minutes.

So, how do you put in halo extensions?

Here are the steps that you should follow:

1.First, thoroughly brush your hair to get rid of tangles. Brush out the halo and every 2-clip weft softly with the use of hair extension brush or even a paddle brush or wide-toothed comb.

2.Second, section off the hair at the crown to tie it to a bun at your head’s top. You should leave behind the front sections of your hair, which form the face to make sure you get a natural blend.

3.Now, apply the halo. It is best to choose the wire length, which best fits the head’s size and position the halo over the bun where you have parted the hair. It must sit securely and comfortably above your ears like a headband.

4.For additional oomph around your sides of the face, you can use a 2-clip weft right at the temple of the head at about two-inch above the ears and fasten the clip nearest to the hairline first. You should do the same with the remaining 2-clip weft on the other side.

5.Finally, blend for heavenly results. You need to take down your bun now and brush through the hair to smooth everything out, but make sure that your real hair is covering the halo and all the wefts. Be extra cautious once cleaning over the wire of your halo hair extension to avoid snagging.

Simply follow these steps to put in a halo extension properly.

For additional tips on wearing a halo extension that would make you look great, consider the following:

  • Make sure to colour match the halo extensions. To definitely achieve seamless transformation, then it is crucial that you colour match your halo extensions and also to ensure that you maintain a consistent lovely look.

  • You can also cut, blend, and custom colour the halo hair extensions. Cutting these extensions could help in making them appear a lot thicker. You will also get the superb result if you consider layering and blending them perfectly with your natural hair. Also, if you will customise its colour, make sure to buy a shade or two lighter and dye the hair a lot darker to match the desired colour.

  • Take note that halo hair extensions are very much flexible, so you can simply adjust them. This adjustment isn’t made only through the help of the wire setting; however, the clips could also be used to do so. And what’s best is that you can simply remove these clips once you don’t want to use them at all.

  • And of course, style and take good care of them. Halo hair extensions are made of 100 percent Remy human hair, and with that, you could do some styling too. But there is a need to be very cautious about doing so. It is indeed essential to take care of your halo hair extensions also.

The steps and tips above are sure of great help on how to put in halo hair extensions correctly and adequately. And this will lead to getting a coveted great look you’ve ever wanted! 

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