Who doesn’t want silky, shiny and beautiful hair? Well, no matter how much we wish to have   flawless hair, hair damage is inevitable. The hair becomes weak and damaged due to various  environmental factors but let’s not get into that discussion for now. Let’s talk about the ways to make your hair look healthy and full of volume. Among several ways to style your hair and make them look voluminous, one is the addition of hair extensions. Hair extensions come in  various types, colors,  materials and lengths and you can select one depending on your styling  requirement

Clip in Hair Extensions:
If you are looking for ways to get fuller and longer hair, clip in hair extensions are your go to solution. They are easier to put on and remove and give best results. Here is a simple step-bystep tutorial on how to put on clip in hair extensions.
Step 1:
Thoroughly brush your hair  and  hair extensions with a soft brush and make sure there are no tangles in your hair.
Step 2:
Horizontally partition your hair with a comb or your finger near the nape area of the head. Make a bun of remaining hair and clip it on the top of your head.
Step 3:
Start clipping in the extensions in the lower part of your partitioned hair. Clip in the extensions starting from one end and moving  towards the other end. Make sure to clip in the extensions as close to the roots of your hair as possible and lightly brush the hair to merge the extension with your hair.

Step 4:
Straighten the hair back and make another partition slightly above the previous one. This partition should be near your ears. Secure the remaining hair on the top of the head. Start clipping in the extensions as before starting from one end and moving towards the other end of the head. Straighten the hair with the brush.

Step 5:
Make another partition on the top of the head. It will start from one side of the forehead all the way back to the other side. Clip in hair extensions at both the sides and center of the head. It will add volume equally on all the sides. 

Step 6:
Straighten the hair from all sides and check in the mirror to make sure that all the wefts are properly clipped in and are hidden.

You are all set to show off your new bouncy, full of volume hair. The best part is, you can try different hairstyles with your clip in extensions. Make a ponytail or a bun and even curl your extensions to give a new look every time.
Have a look at our video tutorial on how to clip in the hair extensions. 

Have fun with your hair and do not forget to share your experience!
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