Causes of Frizzy Hair and How to Tame it

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Does your hair seem to have a mind of its own? Frizzy hair is a common problem where some strands of hair don't sit smooth with the rest of your style, giving it a messy, frazzled appearance. It occurs due to a lot of reasons, so it's important to understand some of the major causes of frizzy hair if you want to be able to smooth it out and keep your hairstyle looking pristine.

Why Does Hair Become Frizzy?
Lots of things can contribute to frizz and there's no one single cause that explains the condition in every person. The reason for your own frizzy hair could be due to:

  • Hair dryness
  • Damage
  • Poor hair care
  • Product use or lack thereof
  • Natural texture

Hair that is dry loses its elasticity and this can result in anything from a brittle structure to a rough, kinked texture. If your hair isn't properly moisturized it can temporarily lose a lot of its strength and won't feel smooth anymore, making this one of the most common causes of frizzy hair for a lot of people.

Dryness itself can be the result of numerous things, but the most likely scenario is that your hair is being washed too often or is damaged. If you shampoo your hair too much, this strips out the natural oils and it will dry out. In this situation, the best way to handle the problem is to reduce how often you wash your hair or use a milder shampoo designed for dry hair.

Damage, however, causes frizzy hair because it makes it difficult for your hair to retain moisture properly even if it has enough moisture to begin with. Damaged hair is also more likely to have a rough surface due to chemical treatments and the hair strands won't sit as smoothly against each other, leading to more frizz.

If you've dyed or lightened your hair a lot, your frizz is likely the result of a combination of dryness and damage, but the type of products you use and how you care for and style your hair can also contribute. Some products, like hairspray, can help to reduce frizz when used lightly, but may actually increase it when overused because they dry the hair out.

Other products, like serums are very effective for reducing frizzy hair because they can smooth out the surface of the hair and protect it from moisture-loss. In some cases, having frizz is just the way your hair naturally is, so products like this can help to relieve the problem.

Ways to Reduce Frizzy Hairs

To get smooth, beautiful hair, you need to address whatever is causing the problem to begin with. In the case of dryness, this is best handled by moderating your use of shampoo and any drying products. Leave-in conditioners and other moisturizing products are helpful to cut down on frizz by keeping your hair optimally hydrated all day.

Any damage should also be treated with the right products, like a good protein treatment in order to keep your hair strong and healthy. Treating the damage will remove a lot of the frizz but you will still need to use a good conditioning agent in addition to this for the best result.

You also should be careful with the way you style your hair, as straightening and curling can also be potential causes of frizzy hair, as well as ways to treat it depending on how you approach it. If the heat dries your hair out, it causes more frizz, but it can also reduce it by styling all strands of hair into the same alignment and position if you use heat-protection and conditioning agents to keep your hair hydrated. Regardless, always use the minimum heat setting that works for your hair to reduce damage and drying when you style your hair with hot tools.

What if none of these are the cause for you though? If frizz is the result of your natural hair texture, you can only address this with the use of products and styling. Blow dry your hair on a warm setting using a concentrator attachment after washing, taking care to dry outwards in the direction of hair growth and this will help to reduce and prevent frizzy hair.

Heat styling can also reduce your frizz, but you need to be cautious with this and only use a low temperature. Always section your hair out and run a fine-tooth comb through your hair ahead of where you pass over it with the straightener or curling iron to style it neatly and capture all hair strands so that none can lead to frizz.

You should follow this with a small amount of a light serum or oil and possibly a brief spray of a mild hairspray to give some hold to the style, but don't be too assertive with your use of products as a little goes a long way in dealing with frizz.

If your hair refuses to behave itself, you can also consider accentuating your look with some Tess Hair extensions. Made with high-quality 100% remy human hair, they maintain a smooth style whether straight, wavy, or curled and can help to keep your overall style less frizzy because you deserve the hair of your dreams.

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