How to take care of your curly hair?

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As much as curly hairs are glamorous to flaunt, they are tricky to handle. Getting rid of the tangles, styling and washing; everything about curly hair is challenging. We know how much you envy straightened smooth hair of your friends which are easier to style but do not worry! Mentioned in this article are a few quick and clever ways to take care of your naturally curly hair so you can style them to perfection. 

1.Avoid Heat Tools:

Heat tools like straighteners, curlers and dryers make your hair rough and frizzy and if your hair is naturally curly, these heat tools will add fuel to the fire. Dry hairs are more prone to breakage and hence look dull and lifeless. The less heating tools you use, the healthier your curly hair will look. 

2.Adopt a Hair Care Routine:

Like any other kind of hair, you need to adopt a healthy hair care routine for your curls. Here are a few tips and steps you can follow to achieve marvelous locks.

Step 1:  Always wash your curly hair gently. Extensive rubbing and rinsing destroys the texture of hair and leave them looking frizzier. Use a mild shampoo and a deep hair conditioner for your curly hair. Leaving the conditioner in hair for 10 minutes will help your hair retain the necessary moisture.
Step 2:  Gently rinse your hair and wring the water out 
Step 3:  When drying your hair, always use a soft towel or an old T-shirt. Your curly hair requires gentle treatment as over working will tangle and break the hair.  
Step 4:  When your hair is still damp, you can use some curly hair appropriate products to get bouncy and wavy hair. Curly hair styling gels, mousse, nourishing creams, and primers can be applied. Make sure to go through the ingredients and opt for organic and natural products.
3.Use an appropriate comb (wide-toothed) 
You cannot style your curly hair with a regular comb or hair brush as you will end up tangling your hair. It is recommended to minimize the use of hair brush/comb on curls. However, using an appropriate comb will help retain the curls tangle-free. Use a wide-toothed comb and that too before going into the shower. Never brush or comb your curly hairs when they are still wet as wet hair breaks easily. You can run your fingers through your wet hair to straighten and detangle them as well. While using the wide-toothed comb, always start detangling from bottom up. 

4.Do not over wash/excessively shampoo your hair

Excessive use of shampoo is not good for any kind of hair. Your curly hairs are sensitive and require additional care. Frequent shampooing dries the hair by stripping them of their natural oils and makes them fragile. It is perfectly ok to skip washing and shampooing your hair and do it on alternate days or may be after two days. However you can condition your hair more often as conditioning hydrates the hair and keep them in better shape.

5.Get Curly-Hair Expert’s help

It is always a wise choice to consult a specialist if you are having a hard time managing your curls. Sometimes, over use of styling tools and chemical-based products do irreparable damage to the hair. Instead to trying home remedies or using friend-prescribed hair care products; consulting a specialist will save your time and energy as you will quickly get a solution. Although it takes time to reverse the damage but sooner you get an expert’s advice, the better.

Getting your curly hair cut and styled by a professional is also necessary. The stylist should have knowledge on how to handle curly hair, what style and cut will look best and is better for hair health.

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