How to have the perfect wedding for the bride?

Hair styling

A wedding day is a once-in-a-life-time event that any girl has wished for since their very young ages. In this spectacular unique event, every bride deserves to have the best bridal dress, the best high heels, and, last but not least, best hair and makeup. How to have the perfect wedding for the bride on the aspects of hair and makeup? The answer will reveal now!

The best wedding hairstyles

1.soft waves
The image of brides with long, shiny wavy hair has always been one of the most iconic images on wedding days. Every girl will look stunning with her hair falling softly and gently in the form of waves.

2.Textured updos with soft tendrils
If you are a fan of wedding magazines, you will see this hairstyle popping a lot between bridal hairstyle articles. Being one of the classic hairstyles on wedding days, textured updos with soft tendrils hairstyle will bring out your beauty in the most elegant ways.

3.Sleek and straight hair

If you believe that straight hair is an ordinary hairstyle for every day, you are seriously wrong. Do you know that a straight and sleek hairstyle is one of the most modernized wedding hairstyles that hardly anyone can pull off? This hairstyle is an ideal equalization between modern and tradition in an effortless vibe.

Should a bride have her hair up or down on the wedding day?

If you want to cut to the chase, these are the questions you should be asking yourself to decide whether you should tie your hair up or let it down.

  • What is your everyday hairstyle?
  • What kind of dress are you wearing? Which hairstyle will suit the dress more?

The answer to this question is entirely up to you, my dear bride. After thinking about the answer to the two questions above, you will undoubtedly get the answer that you want. Remember that your wedding day is not a fashion photoshoot day, so you must choose the hairstyle you feel most comfortable with (and if it fits the dress too, then fantastic!).

How to figure out how you want your wedding hair and makeup look to be?

You may have pinned thousands of bridal pictures from Instagram, Pinterest, yet you still cannot find the hair and makeup style you will do on your wedding day. Well, cut off your worries because we can help you narrow down the deciding factors to help you visualize your wedding hair and makeup look. They are:

Venue and color scheme
If you have decided on your wedding venue and its color scheme, you can draw some inspiration out of it to imagine and enlive your dream hairstyle and makeup look. You can search for the same wedding plan like yours on the Internet and find out how the bride dresses for extra recommendations.


Your outfit, as in this case, your bridal dress, will strongly affect your hairstyle and makeup looks as well. If the dress is gentle and fluffy, do not be afraid to turn yourself into a princess, or if the dress is quite formal, then invest a little bit to get a high-class hairstyle, and makeup should not be a big deal.

How to choose a wedding hairstylist?

Here are the following steps you need to do to get your dream wedding hairstylist:

  • Do your research online or at local salons
  • Check out the reviews (if you found her online)
  • Get in touch with her through emails and phone calls to arrange the first meeting
  • Schedule a hair trial, show her your ideal hairstyle and see what she can do
  • If the result satisfies you and the two get along on every other aspect, sign the contract, and there you go, your dream wedding hairstylist!

How much do wedding hair and makeup cost?
Any bride would love to look magnificently on her most important days. For that reason, it is advisable to leave your hair and makeup to the hands of professionals! And of course, there is a price coming along with it. Usually, it would cost about $300 of the bridal hair and makeup to be done. However, the price range can go higher if you have more detailed requests.


And that’s everything you need to know about how to have the perfect wedding for the bride. After all, the wedding day is when the bride shines most, so it is undeniable that every bride should have the best hair and makeup on this beautiful day of her own. Enjoy your new happiness on your happiest day!

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