Hair Care Tips During Summer: What Routine Should You Follow?

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Among the seasons we all love is summer – from travels, beaches and all, everyone loves summer. But with this time of the year, taking extra care of both the scalp and the hair must be considered to make your mane look at its best, despite the heat of the sun. Well, you should know that summer heat has certain effects on our hair. Worry not, you can still beat the heat with some of the hair care tips below: 

Effects of Summer on Your Hair  

To make things a lot clearer, you should know some of the effects of summer on your hair. During summer, there is excessive dust and perspiration that leads to certain hair issues such as split ends, dandruff, hair fall, and dizziness.

Summer could also be hard on your scalp that could make it dry and it could even hurt the roots. Also, hair may get burnt in the hot sun and might change its natural color too. If you have colored hair, it might start to fade away. 

Tips to Protect Hair During Summer

Indeed, spending a long time outdoors, under the heat of the sun could damage your hair. That's why you should be extra careful about how to take care of your hair. So, here are some hair care tips you should try during the summer:

1.Sun Protection

Of course, summer means too much exposure to the heat of the sun. With that, sun protection, not just for your skin, but for your hair should be considered. If you have too much skincare regimen, it is also best to have some to protect your hair from the heat of the sun. 

It is advised to make it a habit to apply a hair care product that contains UV filters like cream formulas, gel, or spray. These products must protect your hair from sun damage and could also keep the color of the hair from fading.

You should also wear a wide-brimmed hat once spending too much time outdoors. It will not just jeep the strands from getting scorched, but it will also protect your ears and scalp and other areas vulnerable to skin cancer. 

2.Wash Hair Frequently

Summer season lets you wash your hair more frequently to deal with its grime and sweat. With that, it is important to use an anti-residue shampoo at least once a week to clear away the buildup of chemicals and products used. And follow it with a deep-conditioning treatment.

3.Change Hairstyle

Also, during summer, especially those with long hair, it would be best to learn various ways on how to tie your hair. A change in hairstyle during summer can be considered. Since the heat of the sun can make you uncomfortable, it is suggested to tie your hair to feel a lot more refreshed once spending time outdoors. Using hair extensions is still recommended given that it would not make you feel uncomfortable under the heat of the sun.

4.Invest in Conditioners
It is important to choose proper hair conditioners that contain sunscreen that would shield the hair from the harmful UV rays. The sun might dry out your mane, so it is advised to hydrate your hair and steer life in it by choosing a rinse-out and less greasy conditioner.
Conditioners must suit your hair type and the nature of the summer season too. For those who love swimming, you can wear a swimming cap instead and use a leave-in conditioner on the hair .  
5.Avoid coloring the hair
Naturally, summers dry your hair out and damage them, of course. So, make sure to go easy on any chemical-based hair products or procedures during summer. You must avoid coloring your hair. You could do it a month before the summer hits if you really wanted colored hair. 

Again, we all love summer, but we should also be extra careful with the health of our hair. The above-mentioned hair care tips must be considered to avoid unwanted hair damages.
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