5 Tips and Tricks to make Your Hair Look More Fuller

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Many of us experience hair fall and hair damage from time to time. Hair can become weak for several reasons and weak hair not only loses its shine but it also affects our confidence. There are several products and remedies available on the internet and in markets that address hair problems but shared in this article are 5 tips and tricks to make your hair fuller and voluminous.

1.Use Hair Extensions 

Whether you have thought about this option or not, hair extensions have been widely used as a quick remedy for thin hair. Available in human and artificial alternatives, hair extensions merge pretty well with your natural hair and give them a bouncy look. It is the safest and the most economical way to give your hair a much needed fuller look. Depending upon the size, color, styling requirement and condition of your hair, you can select hair extensions that best suit your style. Without getting your hair chemically treated, you can add length, volume and color to your hair.

At Tess Hair we have an amazing collection of Clip in, Tape in, Halo and Ponytail hair extensions. Our high quality hair extensions are durable and affordable.

2.Treat Your Hair with Love

To have healthier hair you need to keep your hair happy. Do not let your hair tangle and always brush your hair with love and care. Ceramic hair brushes are often recommended by hair specialists. Ceramic hair brush has negatively charged ions while the hair has positively charged ions and their interaction helps eliminate frizz. Negative ions of the ceramic brush help seal the damaged hair cuticles and the hair’s natural oils are not lost. When the hair remains healthy it will silky, shiny and fuller.

3.Adopt a Healthy Hair Care Routine

Hair cannot look good with occasional look after. People usually worry about their hair when the damage has been done. In order for your hair to look fuller, you need to adopt a healthy hair care routine. This routine consists of having a balanced diet, oil massage minimum once a week, minimum usage of hair styling heat tools, using good quality shampoo, conditioner and hair masks, avoiding chemical dyes, regular trimming and using appropriate products according to your hair type. If you set a routine and stick to it, your hair will not only remain healthy but they will look the way you want; sleek, shiny and fuller.

4.Hair teasing and backcombing

Hair teasing and backcombing is the oldest known method for giving the hair volume. Since it is done by combing hair towards the scalp, it can tangle and break the hair. Although it is not a very safe method it is widely used throughout the world for making certain hairstyles. It is ok to backcomb or tease your hair once in a while but regular backcombing will do irreversible damage to the hair.

5.Consult a Professional

If your hair are thinning and becoming weak, you need to look into the root cause. In some cases, remedies can’t do anything and you need a professional’s help. Addressing the underlying problem and getting it treated timely can help you get better looking hair.

Aging, certain medical conditions or excessive use of chemical and heat tools can weaken the hair. It is better to consult a professional without trying off the rack products on your hair. We have shared some tips to make hair look fuller and among all the tips and tricks, hair extension is the smartest and the most cost effective way to achieve healthier looking hair.

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